Publishing Wide by Alana Terry

Publishing Wide

It's time to take control of your author career and stop relying on only one source of income! This video training series walks you through publishing your books wide from start to finish.

What's included?

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1. Why Publish Wide?
4 mins
Pros and Cons of KU
4 mins
Cool Things You Can Do When You're Wide
4 mins
Lesser-known financial benefits to publishing wide
4 mins
Why Now is a Great Time to be Wide
6 mins
The Philosophy of Going Wide
10 mins
2. Publishing Wide
Introducing the Wide Platforms
8 mins
Should You Use an Aggregator or Go Direct?
7 mins
Publishing with Draft2Digital
7 mins
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Publishing on Barnes and Noble
6 mins
Publishing on Kobo
5 mins
Publishing on Apple
Publishing on Google Play
Publishing with PublishDrive
6 mins
3. Get Optimized for Wide Sales
Retailer Links and Back Matter
10 mins
Quick note on Kobo back matter links
2 mins
Creating Universal Book Links (free)
9 mins
Optimizing your website with Readerlinks
6 mins
4. Get Organized with your Wide Books
Your time-saving must-have tool for publishing wide
4 mins
Leaving KU (Checklist)
4 mins
Download Your Checklist
5. Final Thoughts and Bonuses
Recommended Resources
Links to wide retailers & help pages