Productivity for Authors by Alana Terry

Productivity for Authors

Accomplish more while doing less! This inspiring training gives you practical tips to manage your writing schedule so you can write more books, reach more readers ... and still have a life.

Bestselling authors Alana Terry and David Lee Martin share their best keys to building a happy, healthy writer's life ... one that will last for years (even decades) to come. 

What's included?

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Welcome and Intro
A quick word from Alana
1 min
A quick word from David
2 mins
Productivity isn't one size fits all
5 mins
Master your Mindset
Stop being busy for the sake of being busy
3 mins
What is time, anyway?
6 mins
What to do when your to-do list is overwhelming
11 mins
The mindset shift that will change your outlook on productivity
7 mins
Why you procrastinate (and how to overcome it)
11 mins
Write Faster
Step away to write faster
5 mins
Getting in the zone each and every time you write
7 mins
Keeping up your writing momentum
7 mins
Silencing your inner critic
9 mins
Bonus: Your 20k day (FB live replay)
16 mins
Work Smarter (NOT Harder)
Work ON not IN your business
4 mins
Slow down in order to speed up
4 mins
Just DO it already
3 mins
On-your-head productivity
3 mins
Time to outsource
8 mins
Finding time to write AND market
10 mins
Batching tasks to be more efficient
8 mins
Burnout-Proof your Career
Nurturing your creativity
10 mins
Taking care of your health to be more productive and creative
6 mins
Why you need to protect your energy (and how to do it)
9 mins
Productivity flows from PURPOSE
4 mins
Your ONE Thing
11 mins
Are you living by design or by default?
4 mins
The power of UNBUSY
3 mins
Systems for Greater Productivity
Multiply results, not effort
3 mins
Leveraging technology (without becoming enslaved)
3 mins
Eliminate. Automate. Delegate.
8 mins
Get out of your own way
4 mins
David's favorite time-saving apps (part 1)
20 mins
David's favorite time-saving apps (part 2)
22 mins
Alana's favorite analog systems
23 mins
Stay the Course
Mastering your motivation (FB live replay)
28 mins
Alana's favorite time-management books
25 mins
David's favorite time-management books
15 mins
Our favorite books on time management (text version)
Recommended resources and time-saving apps (PDF)
937 KB
Where to Go Next
Want to keep learning from us?
David teaches Vellum book formatting
Alana teaches Amazon ads
David teaches Scrivener word processing