Focusing on the things you CAN control
March 20, 2020
When the world seems out of control, it's important to focus on things that we CAN influence.

You can't decide (or even know) when self-isolation limits will be lifted ... but you can focus on doing the things each day that will get you and your family through these trying times.

Sometimes that's easier said than done, however, which is why I recorded today's video to give you some encouragement today.

Click below to watch the video, or you can also listen to the Covid Corners on the Successful Writer Podcast.

In this time of isolation, it's important to strengthen and encourage each other even if you can't be in the same place at the same time.

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To your success!
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Xina Marie Uhl

Thanks so much for this, Alanna - it's been very helpful tonight. I've been running on anxiety lately though I have made it a point to get some fiction writing done everyday, some marketing, and some exercise in the fresh air. It does help, for sure!