What successful authors do each day ...
February 14, 2020
I'm gonna come right out and admit it. I don't love telling anybody what they HAVE to do.

It's not that I'm rebellious by nature.

I just know that in so many cases, what works best for one person isn't the EXACT same thing that will work best for you.

In other words, there's no single road to success.

That being said, there are SOME things that will give you an advantage when it comes to developing fabulous habits as a writer.

If you're the kind of person who LIKES a to-do list (or you just want some motivation), today's episode covers the things successful authors do each day.

TL;DR: There's no exact recipe for success, but for your best chances, try adopting a few of these daily habits ...
  • Spend time each day focusing on book marketing 
  • Invest in your own learning and personal development
  • Take care of your health (and get enough sleep)!

Learn on the go! The audio version of this video is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Just check out Episode 52 of the Successful Writer Podcast!

Want more motivation?

Check out our full-length course on Productivity for Authors for even more inspiration and practical tips on time management, habit building, and goal achievement!

To your success!
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Xina Marie Uhl

Great vid! I love the idea of using the morning pages to plan out your day. I'm going to try to do that and see if it sticks to the walls of my brain. :-) I believe the morning pages comes from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, which is a fantastic book if you get a chance to read it. Very creativity-focused.