Atomic Habits for Writers
January 27, 2020
Ready to make 2020 your year of insane growth and productivity?

Start your year off stronger than ever before with these goal-setting, habit-building tips taken from James Clear's book, Atomic Habits.

Want to learn how to get rid of bad habits (like wasting time on Facebook when you should be writing)?

Need some inspiration (as well as practical tips) to set some great habits to give yourself an even more productive year?

Listen in to today's episode of the Successful Writer Podcast, or watch the video here.

TL;DR: To create good, strong writing habits ...

  • Reward yourself for your achievements (no matter how small)
  • Make bad habits difficult to fall back on (delete your Facebook app, etc.)
  • Set smaller goals at first ("Today I'll write 500 words ...")

Listen on the go! The audio version of this video is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Just check out Episode 51 of the Successful Writer Podcast!

Want more motivation?

Check out our full-length course on Productivity for Authors for even more inspiration and practical tips on time management, habit building, and goal achievement!

To your success!
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