Multiple Streams of Income (and 2019 Earnings Report)
January 15, 2020
It's a brand new year and time to reflect on the past 12 months and make goals for the next 12!

If all your writing income this past year came from just one source (like Amazon, for example), or if all your marketing efforts came from one strategy (like newsletter swaps), it might be time to branch out!

Having multiple streams of income (book earnings from more than one retailer), multiple formats for your books (paperback, audio, large print, etc.), and multiple marketing strategies (instead of just relying on one tactic) will help insulate your business from stressful financial fluctuations authors can experience.

While we can never guarantee that our book sale numbers won't go down or an algorithm change won't impact our marketing plans, having multiple streams of income, multiple formats for our books, and multiple marketing strategies will help us weather economic ups and downs with grace and a deeper sense of peace and security.

To your success!

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