Handling Shiny Object Syndrome
November 25, 2019
Does your brain flit from one idea to another?

Do you sometimes give yourself whiplash because you change your creative mind so often?

Congratulations! You have Shiny Object Syndrome!

Instead of making you feel bad for having so many ideas (hey, how can too many ideas be a BAD THING, right?!), today's motivation minute encourages you to embrace your proclivity to jump from one new idea to another ... without letting your shiny object syndrome get you in trouble from a smart business standpoint.

Whether you're drowning in too many ideas right now or if you're low on ideas and just wish you had that problem, today's video is sure to inspire.

To your success!

TL;DR: If you suffer from shiny object syndrome ...

  • Recognize that having too many ideas is a great problem to have
  • Don't ignore your new, creative ideas, but don't ignore practical business sense either. Try to find the point where your creative passion intersects with sound business principles.
  • Remember to carry through with what you create. Editing and marketing are both part of the creative process.

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Xina Marie Uhl

I love that phrase "hummingbird brain." Yes, I have that! Also because it is powered by sugar. :-)

haha, sugar and coffee!