LIVE Amazon Ads Training & Group Coaching by Alana Terry
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LIVE Amazon Ads Training & Group Coaching

Mark your calendars for this six-week intensive training! Everything you need to know about selling more books and finding more readers with your Amazon ads!

Meetings begin the week of October 5

Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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Welcome, Links, and Orientation
Calendar for Live Group Trainings
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Links and resources
Where to go if you have QUESTIONS
Live Replays
43 mins
10.7.20 LIVE CALL #1: Bidding, auto ads, and keywords
(1h 04m 53s)
10.8.20 Q AND A #1
54 mins
10.14.20 LIVE CALL #2: Keyword, category, and individual product ads
(1h 01m 17s)
10.21.20 LIVE CALL #3: Analyzing your ads and keywords
(1h 02m 02s)
10.22.20 Q and A #2
(1h 09m 34s)