The Artistic, Creative Author by Alana Terry

The Artistic, Creative Author

Smash through the fears that are holding you back from a more artistic, creative writing life!

Treat your inner artist to four weeks of inspiration while you nourish your creativity and nurture your art. Includes videos, journal prompts, creativity exercises that will  inspire your muse and flame your inner spark.

Launches on January 1st, 2021

What's included?

Video Icon 15 videos Text Icon 19 text files


Week 1: Fear, resilience, and the creative lifestyle
Keeping fear in its proper place
10 mins
Questions you can ask yourself to keep fear from having too much control
12 mins
Learning to embrace failure and regret
15 mins
Integrating success into your daily life
11 mins
Nurturing your creative genius
13 mins
Week 1 Assignments
Day 1: Overcoming fear
Day 2: Confronting your fear
Day 3: Embracing failure
Day 4: Integrate success
Day 5: Nurture your creativity
Day 6: Reflections
Day 7: Week 1 Debrief
Week 2: Creativity, writer's block, and protecting your muse
2.1 Three of the most common creativity killers.mp4
15 mins
2.2 Stress and its impact on your creative energy.mp4
13 mins
2.3 The roots of writer's block.mp4
17 mins
2.4 Learning to embrace boredom and down time.mp4
11 mins
2.5 Making peace with your muse.mp4
13 mins
Week 2 Assignments
Day 1: Creativity killers
Day 2: Stress and creativity
Day 3: Writer's block
Day 4: Embrace boredom
Day 5: Your muse
Day 6: Reflections
Day 7: Week 2 Debrief
Week 3
3.1 Hallmarks of a successful creative artist.mp4
13 mins
3.2 Hallmarks of a professional writer.mp4
14 mins
3.3 The creative work of marketing books.mp4
10 mins
3.4 When your creativity gets bored.mp4
10 mins
3.5 Creativity and financial stress.mp4
12 mins
Week 3 Assignments
Day 1: Creative hallmarks
Day 2: Professional hallmarks
Day 3: Creativity & marketing
Day 4: Creativity & boredom
Day 5: Creativity & finances