BookBub Ads That Sell by Alana Terry

BookBub Ads That Sell

This step-by-step tutorial will give you everything you need to know to start, run, scale, and analyze your Bookbub ads.

Find your next biggest fans who will devour everything you write. Get ready to reach more readers, sell more books, and see your income soar!

What's included?

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Introducing BookBub Ads
Intro to Bookbub Ads
6 mins
Creating your First Ad
15 mins
Analyzing your Results
7 mins
Staying Profitable
3 mins
Images, Copy, and Calls to Action
Creating Images with Bookbrush
8 mins
Best Ad Images
6 mins
Mistakes to avoid when making your images
4 mins
Best Calls to Action
11 mins
Best Ad Copy
8 mins
Testing Different Covers
7 mins
Audience Targeting
Choosing Your Target Audience
2 mins
Finding Authors to Target
11 mins
Setting up your Author Test
5 mins
Analyzing your Results
10 mins
Looking at your Aggregate Stats
3 mins
Best Practices
Bookbub ad examples
16 mins
Scaling up
9 mins
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