Amazon Ads to Skyrocket Your Author Career by Alana Terry

Amazon Ads to Skyrocket Your Author Career

Take your writing career to the very next level ...

EVERYTHING you need to know about starting, running, and (most importantly) scaling your Amazon ads.

Find out how 6-figure novelist Alana has doubled her fiction income EVERY YEAR for the past 3 years using Amazon ads ... and how you can too!

There's never been a better time to take your writing career to the very next level. Invest in your success with this Amazon ads course now.

What's included?

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Introduction to Amazon ads
Introduction and Welcome
1 min
Benefits of running Amazon ads
3 mins
How Amazon ads sky-rocketed my writing career
8 mins
Why there's never been a better time to run amazon ads
4 mins
Types of ad placements
Sponsored product ads
3 mins
Other types of Amazon ads
3 mins
Accessing your Amazon ads dashboard
2 mins
How to run Amazon ads if you aren't publishing your book to KDP yourself
5 mins
Simple sponsored product ads
What are sponsored ads
2 mins
Creating your first sponsored product ad
7 mins
Text for your sponsored ad
5 mins
Looking at stats (and why auto targeting is so great)
3 mins
Creating your sponsored product ad with suggested keywords
4 mins
Keyword sponsored product ads
Sponsored ads with genre keywords
4 mins
Sponsored ads with author keywords
5 mins
Finding keywords with Publisher Rocket
5 mins
Finding (and formatting) keywords from Amazon
7 mins
Finding keywords with Yasiv and also-boughts
4 mins
Even more places to find keywords
3 mins
Places to find keywords to target (text version)
Links to resources mentioned in these videos (text version)
Targeting by interest
Targeting by category
2 mins
Targeting specific products
3 mins
Finding books and authors to target
5 mins
Benefits of targeting by product
2 mins
Easy ways to compile product lists
5 mins
Analyzing your results
Metrics you should be tracking
7 mins
Using portfolios to stay organized
2 mins
What to bid and how to adjust
11 mins
Accounting for series read-through
9 mins
Accounting for KU income
7 mins
Shortcut for authors who hate math
2 mins
How to calculate your read-through rate (text version)
How to calculate your book's value if it's in KU (text version)
Live walk-through of Amazon ad analysis
22 mins
Optimizing your ads
Troubleshooting your Amazon ads
12 mins
When your ads just won't turn on
11 mins
What to do when nothing works
10 mins
Mistakes authors make with Amazon ads
7 mins
Scaling up
11 mins
Conclusion and Bonus Material
Wrapping it up
3 mins
Your ad launch checklist
5 mins
Ad launch checklist (text version)
Optional: Advantage accounts and headline ads
21 mins
Optional: In-depth testing of Amazon reporting accuracy
50 mins
Optional: Amazon ads vs. Facebook ads (pros and cons of each)
13 mins
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Are you ready to skyrocket your author career?

There's never been a better time to take your book sales to the next level ... and Alana Terry's step-by-step guide will help you do just that.

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