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Amazon Ads to Skyrocket Your Author Career

Watch your book sales soar by reaching readers with Amazon ads. A step-by-step training to guide you to expert-level success running ads.

Mastering Facebook Ads for Authors

Take your career to the next level with this step-by-step course teaching you everything you need to know to run profitable ads on Facebook.

How to Grow your Email List with Facebook Ads

Join best-selling Christian suspense novelist Alana Terry for an in-depth look at how you can take your writing career to the next level by growing your email list with Facebook ads. 

Mini-Courses ($99 or less)

BookBub Ads That Sell

This step-by-step tutorial will give you everything you need to know to start, run, scale, and analyze your Bookbub ads.

Killer Blurbs that Sell More Books

Everything you need to know to create Amazon descriptions and sales pages that hook readers and turn browsers into buyers!

Publishing Wide

The why, when, and HOW to publish (and market) your books outside of Amazon. For any author ready to scale up to the next level.

Epic Course Bundles to Save you Money

GOING WIDE (3-Course Bundle)

Sky-rocket your book sales with the GOING WIDE course bundle.

3 full-length courses help you achieve success on the major wide platforms.

Author Ads Library (3-Course Bundle)

Your one-stop, step-by-step guide to running ads on Amazon, Facebook, and Bookbub. Three courses from 6-figure author Alana Terry!

Successful Writer Membership

Take your writing career to the very next level with an all-access pass.

You will gain immediate access to the entire Successful Writer library of courses and have access to Q and As, regular trainings, and more!

Alana Terry, USA Today bestselling author

Alana Terry is the 6-figure author of more than forty published novels. She hosts the Successful Writer Podcast and has created over half a dozen courses to help authors reach their dreams of achieving creative and commercial success.

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